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Online Business Opportunities Reviewed

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Is Teamwork Revolution Power System (TWRPS) a Scam ?

Sept 9 2009

Teamwork Revolution have just launched their “Power System” version to their original already excellent program.  For anyone who is looking for a $10 per month work from home opportunity similar, but better than GDI (apart from GDI excellent bonus scheme) then the original Teamwork Revolution is for you.

However Teamwork Revolution Power System have started an interesting new matrix that could be deemed “the ultimate spillover matrix”.

The reason I say this is because Teamwork Revolution Power System (TWRPS) is a 2x8.  Matrixes cannot get any thinner than 2, so we now have my first matrix that’s 2 wide.  Yes there are cyclers reviewed on this site that are 2 wide but they are different from straight forward matrixes like this.  I am sure this spillover will be better than the cyclers.

Another thing that sets Teamwork Revolution Power System (TWRPS)  apart from the rest is the fact that you are in profit after only 2 people. In the original Teamwork Revolution you needed 5 referrals to break even and 6 to be in profit.  With Teamwork Revolution Power System you will be 5 cents a month in profit after only 2 people.  Not a lot, but at least it’s profit.

After that you earn $1 per person per month for the levels 2-7 and then $8 per person for your 8th level

All in all, your maximum profit with Teamwork Revolution Power System is $2300.  This may not sound like much compared to the $20,000 profit potential that the original TWR offers.  However keep in mind the smaller the profit potential in any matrix the more likely you are to reach it.  A more even spread of profits means a more likely chance of success as a higher % of people are in, or close to, profit.

Any matrix that has the potential to make millions means it has been designed for millions to lose money.  The money you make has to come from somewhere right ?  If you are making $100 per month it’s because 100 people are losing $1 per month (or something along those lines)  People don’t normally stick around very long when they are losing money, so those matrixes tend to die quicker.  They are much harder to maintain, somewhat like bailing water out of a leaking boat, you feel like you are constantly working and getting nowhere.

Teamwork Revolution Power System has solved this problem somewhat by putting people in profit after only 2 referrals AND making the matrix only 2 wide to create the MAXIMUM spillover possible out of any program.  Being in profit after only 2 recruits will also maximize retention rates as I have seen how quick people drop out when they are losing money.

Teamwork Revolution Power System (TWRPS) product is again Webhosting but this time it’s unlimited.  Further, there is also the opportunity to start your own webhosting company allowing you to re-sell hosting which is very interesting.  I had investigated this before and most re-selling hosting packages were around $100 per month.  So that makes Teamwork Revolution Power System a very attractive product for that feature alone.

Now let me point out the possible drawbacks of Teamwork Revolution Power System.  The $29.95 monthly price tag may be too hefty for people.  During my experiment with all these programs I have found that the higher the price tag the much harder it is to get people in.  This is something to consider.

Another thing to keep in mind, although the Teamwork Revolution Power System matrix structure is 2x8 there’s nothing stopping people from buying multiple positions thereby slowing down spillover for you or me.  Although at the moment (Sept 2009) multiple positions are not allowed.  This won’t be a problem until after Oct 2009 when multiple positions will be allowed.

For example if I have only 1 position and I recruit you on my first line, then you will get 50% of all my referrals (spillover).  However if I buy 1 position and then buy the 2 positions beneath myself so I have 3 positions and THEN recruit you, you will be on the first line of one of those 2 positions.  You may not even know I have multiple positions, I may keep this a secret.  What this means for you, or me, unfortunately our spillover has just been cut in HALF and we don’t even know it.  Instead of 50% spillover we will get 25%

Now of course this possibility exists in ANY matrix, not just this one.  However in my experience, matrixes that have lower maximum payouts like this one ($2300) and matrixes that are thinner like this one tend to be the ones where “heavy hitters” buy multiple positions in order to maximize their profits.  This however MINIMIZES the profits for those below them.

This isn’t a HUGE negative point against Teamwork Revolution Power System, I’m just trying to inform the public as best I can about what they are getting into, what to expect and what they may encounter.

As I say with ANY program, DON’T join with the expectation or hope of making money from spillover.  Sitting around and doing nothing will basically guarantee your failure in the long run.  Join this, or whatever, and work at it.  Otherwise your downline will likely implode in the opposite direction soon after you join because your lack of work will cause lack of spillover which creates a negative domino effect of people getting discouraged and leaving.

All in all, I recommend Teamwork Revolution Power System as it certainly has a lot of advantages over the other ones.

At the moment Teamwork Revolution Power System offer a free 30 day trial.  So I strongly recommend you just sign up for the trial and see what happens.  You can make your decision when it comes time to pay and by that time you may already have recruited 2 people or better yet received some spillover.  Then you will have confidence in the program.

There’s no risk of getting scammed by signing up at this point, as it’s free.  So just sign up and decide what you will do later.

If you have any questions or comments please email

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Sept 3 2009 - I was privately invited to join Teamwork Revolution Power System (TWRPS)

Sept 9 2009 - Only 6 days in and I already have a downline of 44.  Most of these were spillover, about 10 have been personally recruited by me.  This wasn't open to the public until today as it was carefully constructed to put the best marketers at the top to ensure the most spillover possible to those who join now.  So we will see if this proves to be true.

Sept 10 2009 - One day later and another 9 members have signed up, all from Spillunder or spillover, for a total downline now of 53.  This is shaping up to be the best program I have tried in my 4 months of experimenting with online opportunities.

Sept 11 2009 - Another day and 4 more people (all of which were spillover) for a downline of 57 now.

Sept 12 2009 - Teamwork Revolution Power System Downline now at 63 (mostly spillover or spillunder).

Sept 13 2009 - Teamwork Revolution Power System Downline now at 73 (mostly spillover or spillunder).

Sept 14 2009 - Teamwork Revolution Power System Downline now at 79 (mostly spillover or spillunder).

Sept 15 2009 - Teamwork Revolution Power System Downline now at 99 (mostly spillover or spillunder).

Sept 25 2009 - Teamwork Revolution Power System Downline now at 144 (mostly spillover or spillunder).

Oct 11 2009 - Teamwork Revolution Power System Downline now at 158 (mostly spillover or spillunder).  NOTE : Recently TWRPS had launched and everyone was beginning to pay their $29.95 fee, however Alertpay renagged on their committment to only charge a $0.99 processing fee, instead they upped it to $2.97.  This caused TWRPS to drop them as 10% charge is unreasonable.  TWRPS are therefore looking for another payment method but in the meantime everyone gets another free month and during this free month we can all use the services provided.  So join now and don't pay until November.

Nov 11 2009 - So I have paid my $29.95 + alertpay fee.  In the end TWRPS stuck with Alertpay as there wasn't really any other option.  So the inflated Alertpay fee must be paid by us (the members) of course.  I now have 182 Teamwork Revolution Power System members, which is a bit of a slow down in growth.  A month has passed and only 24 new members.  Further, of those 182 members only 9 have paid their membership fee so far.  It will be interesting to see how many of the 182 actually decide to continue with this business opportunity.  Keep checking back for updates.

Nov 19 2009 - I checked today and there are 12 upgraded members now.  There is a cut off date of Nov 21 for those who joined for free to upgrade.  If everyone else doesn't upgrade by then they will be purged and lose their spots.  What I find strange is there are many people with a decent downline that haven't upgraded.  I can only assume they are waiting for the last moment for whatever reason.  So Nov 22nd will be very interesting after TWRPS does their purge.

Dec 8 2009 - Well the purge took place a couple of weeks ago.  I now only have 14 members in my downline.  This is very disappointing I must admit.  I knew I would lose a lot of members, but I never expected to lose over 90%.  Let's see  how this continues as apparantly many of the heavy hitters were waiting for the first payout.  I recieved my $41 commission for this month, so this certainly isn't a scam I confirm that at least.  I had no doubts about that anyways.  Let's see what the next month brings.

2010 - Sorry it's been a while since I updated this.  I naturally dropped out of TWRPS about a month later as the matrix began to implode.  I didn't see a decent stable future in this.  It seems it was fueled by hype and everyone was excited in the beginning but quickly lost faith when things didn't go as they hoped.  So feel free to try this out if you think you can make a go of it, but it isn't for me.  I recommend the 1 time payment program 4x1 Fortune.  It's low risk (only $11) and you can make decent money if you are successful.  Plus there's no need to ever "drop out" as once you join you are a member for life.  No more ongoing expenses like this or any other monthly program.  For me monthly payment programs just didn't work long term.  It felt like a boat with a hole in it, I was able to bail the water out and stay afloat for the first while but eventually I couldn't keep up as people dropped out and didn't stick with it.  This "sinking boat" feeling doesn't exist with one time payment programs like 4x1 Fortune which is why I prefer them now.

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